About us

Goldzweig law offices was founded by Moshe Goldzweig, Attorney at Law in 2010, in order to provide legal services of the highest standard, providing our clients with both professional expertise and personal attention.

Moshe Goldzweig, is licensed to practice law in Israel and New York State (USA), and is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA)New York State Bar Association (NYSBE)Israel Bar Association.

We also provide our clients with a legal expert opinion on multiple jurisdictions including enforcement of a foreign judgment and litigation.

Our office provides a wide range of legal services, with specialties in:

Property Law and Real Estate (property vacancy claims, eviction proceedings)

Personal Injury (bodily injury damages, insurance claims, and automobile accidents in Israel)

Wills and Estates (probate or opposing a will and all estate matters)

Corporate Law

Court trial litigation (qualified to represent in front of all courts and tribunals in Israel.

Goldzweig Law Offices has been chosen to answer questions on a Forum on the web in its areas of expertise, specifically forums dealing with bodily injury and eviction of delinquent tenants and/or invader. Please visit the portal for full information: www.lawguide.co.il

Dedication and excellence stand at the foundation of our legal practice, coupled with focused commitment of the time and resources necessary to address the needs of our clients.  We would welcome the opportunity to represent your interests and generate optimal outcomes for your particular set of circumstances.