Corporate Law


Israeli Corporate Law – Corporate Law Office in Israel:

Goldzweig Law Offices provides legal services for new ventures or newly established corporations at the early stages of formation and registration with the Israel Corporation Registry. We provide specialized services related to incorporation and registration of the business entity-type most suited to our clients goals and interests, as well as legal counsel around associated taxation, shareholder limited liability, duties of company directors, and a suite of other corporate issues that may arise including trial litigation in Israel.

The process of incorporating and registering a new company or business entity in Israel often includes negotiating terms of partners and/or shareholders, preparing corporate documentation, drafting investment agreements, and/or preparing loan agreements for the entity by an Israeli lawyer.

According to the Israeli Corporation Statute – 1999, any person is eligible to found a corporation, provided that the corporation purposes are not illegal. A Corporation application package is submitted to the Registry, and must include articles of association, company shareholders statement and the first official statement of company’s directors. All documents must be authenticated by an Israeli Attorney at law.

Our offices are equipped to handle all aspects of corporate law in Israel.